No, not summer heat­ – winter heat, as in the heat cranking from your furnace! This type of heat can be very drying, and can cause static on clothes and hair, dry, cracked skin, and even nosebleeds. Coupled with the cold dry air outside, you get some very itchy, uncomfortable people. Here are some tips to combat the discomfort of winter:

  1. Limit showers/baths to less than ten minutes. Even plain water will rob your skin and hair of essential moisture. If possible, keep baths to every two or three days for kids – ­ The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends not bathing daily.
  2. Sunscreen on all exposed areas ­ – yes, you do need sunscreen this time of year! The UV rays are still here and when there’s snow on the ground they are reflected right back at you resulting in a double UV hit!
  3. Moisturize! This is a given, but what you are using is also important­ – look for lotions that are oil based and/or contain ceramides or hyaluronic acid. Keep a bottle next to the sink. Fragrance­-free is also the best bet since added fragrances can irritate dry sensitive skin.
  4. Humidifiers­ – Nosebleeds are a big deal to kids. They usually occur at night, and kids can wake up covered in blood, which can be very scary to young children.  Sleeping with a humidifier will drastically cut down on this­ put one in every bedroom and/or any room you spend a lot of time in, making sure to refill and clean regularly (mold spores are no fun) Whole home humidifiers are the best bet -­ never worry about refilling and cleaning only needs to be done once a year!