If your home uses radiators to heat it, then it most likely has a boiler located in some place or other. Homeowners with basements or crawl spaces find these areas the best place for a boiler. Wherever your boiler may be in your home, however, it’s probably something you rarely think of until it no longer works. Waking up on a cold, frosty morning to a cold, frosty house is never fun. When this happens to you, you need quick repairs, especially if the boiler is leaking water inside your home. You should always call a professional to fix or replace your boiler. It takes training and the right equipment to safely repair or replace heating boilers. There are some things you can fix yourself as a homeowner, but heat systems are not one of them. Stay safe, always call a local boiler repair company to keep your home warm.

Boiler Repair

Boiler Repair | Signs of Disrepair

Boiler leaks are a common sign of disrepair and can become catastrophic. These leaks should not happen when the boiler is in good repair, so you should not just ignore them. Over time, they can cause damage to flooring and possessions, so always call for service as soon as they occur. Other indications are loud clanking noises coming from your boiler. Banging sounds might mean a worn down fan or pump, which needs repair or replacement. Less subtle indications might show up in your heating bill. When your boiler needs repair, it runs less efficiently. Your energy bills may be higher while your home is significantly colder.

Boiler Repair | Boiler Replacement

Sometimes the only remedy is to replace the whole boiler. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and boilers have a limited lifespan, like most heating components. There is good news, however, as older boilers are most likely less energy efficient than more recent models. Take this opportunity to upgrade to a new, energy efficient model and enjoy a warmer home with lower monthly bills. Whether you prefer a gas, oil or electric boiler, newer models have higher industry standards, meaning better efficiency and savings. If your home needs a new boiler, call a professional boiler repair and installation company for advice on new models.

Boiler Repair | Regular Maintenance

Once you have repaired or even replaced your home’s boiler, you need to keep it running at peak performance. It is a good idea to schedule regular maintenance and service checks. Most homeowners choose to call a service technician during the warmer spring and summer seasons. This helps to make sure the boiler is ready for the next autumn and winter. During a service call, your technician will check for rust and leaks, and make sure all connections are secure. They can make sure the boiler is clean, and in good repair. A regular service can protect you from big repairs later on.

Your boiler is essential for keeping your home and family warm and cozy. But, unfortunately, there are times when they do need fixing. If you see any indication that it is leaking water in your home, call for service. Other signs of disrepair are loud noises or even strange smells coming from the boiler. You also need to call for service if your house is cold, or your energy bills are much higher than usual. Because boilers involve water and electricity, always call a professional for any repairs. Calling a fully licensed, insured technician further protects your family and property. When repairs are no longer enough, it may be time to completely replace your home’s boiler. To keep your family warm at all times, call a boiler repair company.

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