When you have central heat and air conditioning, you know how convenient this system can be. You probably also know, however, that to keep it running at peak performance, regularly cleaning and maintaining duct work is important. If you haven’t serviced your system in a while, possibly even years, now is a good time to schedule an inspection. The high summer temperatures are waning, so schedule a service before the cold winter weather kicks in. Over time, duct work becomes dirty and dusty, which can potentially cause health problems for your family. It can also make your system run less efficiently, raising energy bills. Don’t delay, call a heating and cooling specialist to inspect and clean your ducts and vents. Also, make sure to call an HVAC technician if you hear any loud, odd sounds or notice any musty smells. For any cleaning or repair, always call a qualified duct work technician.

Duct Work

Duct Work | Does Your Duct Work Need Cleaning

There are several indications that your duct work needs cleaning, and you should not overlook any of them. When your duct work is dusty and dirty, your HVAC system could be pushing that dirty air around your home. Looking at your air filters can help you gauge how dirty the ducts are. If you are constantly changing them because they clog up with dust, you may need to call a technician. Also, clogged ducts do not allow a free flow of air, which makes your system work harder. Therefore, noticeably higher energy bills indicate that your ducts need cleaning, too.

Duct Work | Does Your Duct Work Need Repair

If you hear any loud noises from your HVAC system, they need addressing quickly. Any rattling or vibrating noises could be an indication of disrepair, so call a qualified professional for an inspection. Higher energy bills indicate the need for cleaning, but they can also indicate a bigger problem. When air cannot flow properly due to holes or damage in the ducts, your system works harder with less results. Any escaping air slows down your heating and cooling capabilities. Old ductwork may just need replacing, which can also save you money on energy bills. Newer ductwork will be more energy efficient, and perform much better.

Duct Work | Finding a Technician

Keeping your HVAC system in good repair is important, so you should not just trust it to anyone. Doing a little research before you pick up the phone can help you find a reliable company in your area. To make sure to protect your home and family, only call fully licensed and insured professionals. Read customer reviews on company websites, and look at any photos of work done. Ensure they give free estimates, so you can be sure of all costs before you commit to hiring them. Also, make sure they are an established company with many years of experience and customer service.

When your heating and cooling system is not performing well, call a qualified professional for cleaning and repair. You can actually save money on energy bills when your system is operating at peak performance. Also, cleaning your duct work can keep your home and family healthier by reducing dust and allergens. Any dirt and pollen collected in your ducts can make its way into your home, which can cause allergy problems. Dust collected in the ducts can also trap moisture, providing a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Doing some research to find a reliable HVAC company can keep your home free of allergens, and save on energy bills. Then you can make an appointment, confident in your choice of a duct work technician.

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