Air conditioners have one purpose, to keep your home and your family comfortably cool in summer. Air conditioning can be a necessity during the humid summers of the northeast. Cooler temperatures in your home mean you perspire less, which means less chance of dehydration. Cooler temperatures also result in less invading bugs in your home. Air conditioners have many benefits, so it is not cool when your air conditioner is not doing its job. If you have an air conditioner that is not working to its full potential, or maybe not working at all, don’t get overheated, simply call a Monmouth County air conditioner replacement expert today. Don’t wait for the height of summer, call for a Monmouth County AC replacement before your lack of air conditioning gets you all steamed up.

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Signs You Need AC Replacement | Monmouth County AC Replacement

Obviously, the biggest tell-tale sign that you need to replace your air conditioning unit, is that it is not blowing out cold air. There are quite a few possibilities here. The first is very simple. Is your thermostat set at the correct temperature? When you clean or dust the unit inside the house, it is very easy to move the thermostat. If you have checked that, and it is set correctly, check the air filter. Air filters get clogged very easily, inside, and outside the home. Dust particles can build up in the filters over time, and block the moving cold air. Refrigerant leaking out of the unit can cause a problem, too. Always check with your AC replacement specialists on when to schedule routine inspections. Routine maintenance keeps your unit running well.

Is Your Air Conditioning Unit Loud | Monmouth County AC Replacement

Your air conditioner should be blowing cold air, and doing so quietly. If you are hearing your unit grind, scrape, squeal or make any unusual sounds, it could be in need of a belt replacement. Contact a specialist to replace any loose, slipping belts to reduce further damage to your unit. The fan in your unit is powered by a motor, which will make loud noises when it is about to burn out. If your unit is making a squealing sound, this could be an indication of a burnt out motor.  A faulty compressor, too, will make your unit loud. This may cause a loud, humming sound, while any banging noises could indicate a loose part. If your air conditioning unit is making any unusual noises, don’t hesitate to call in a specialist.

Can You Name That Smell? | Monmouth County AC Replacement

Is your air conditioning unit emitting some rather unpleasant smells? A smell something akin to dirty socks is usually an indication of mold. Your unit is designed to cool heated air, often resulting in moisture build up on the coils. This moisture can be a breeding ground for mold. Dust particles come into contact with the moisture, and mold grows unabated.

Make sure that filters are replaced regularly, and inspect them often to keep them dry. Make sure you regularly empty drip pans. If the drainage lines become blocked, moisture will collect, so keep these clear. A solution of water and white vinegar is the environmentally friendly way to deal with mold particles, but, if you are unsure how to clean your unit, don’t hesitate to call in professional help. Mold is not the only reason for bad smells, a burning smell may be another indicator of a motor about to die, and the smell of a dead animal somewhere in the ductwork will soon become all too obvious. If you notice any peculiar smells or noises from your air conditioning unit, or have any questions, don’t wait, call a Monmouth County AC replacement specialist today.

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