Typing “Red Bank Air Conditioning Repair” into the Google search engine probably means you are in need of a new air conditioner.  Or at least a better working one!  Here are some of the top signs that your air conditioner is on the fritz and may even been in need of replacement.

Red Bank Air Conditioning Repair| Signs of a Failing Unit

Red Bank Air Conditioning Repair | #1 It’s HOT!

Well, this first sign of a failing air conditioner is pretty self explanatory!  If you have no or little cool or cold air coming from your system vents, you are in trouble!  First, be sure to check your thermostat to know that your air conditioner is turned to the correct settings.  It’s possible that you turned down the temperature to your home but are still resting on the “heat” function.  Otherwise, the most likely scenario is that the system’s compressor is not working and may be in need of replacement or repair.  Or it is also possible that the levels of refrigerant in your system are just too low!

Red Bank Air Conditioning Repair | #2 It Bad Smells

Bad smells can be a sign of an air conditioner in need of repair or even replacement, especially if those smells coming from your vents are musty or smell burnt.  The former is a sin of mildew or mold.  Is it possible that there is mildew or mold growing inside some or most of your air conditioning ductwork or even in the unit itself.  This could stem from some puddled water or excess moisture somewhere along the path of your system.  A burnt smell is caused from faulty wire insulation or even a burnt out rubber piece or belt in your unit.  Get this checked out by a professional immediately!

Red Bank Air Conditioning Repair | #3  Low Airflow

A low level of airflow from your system definitely signifies need for Red Bank Air Conditioning Repair!  If you notice a weaker flow of air than you are used to, there is a good chance your unit is about to go.  Or, hopefully, your unit is just in need of a little maintenance like unclogging the ductwork.  Most often, low airflow is caused by a failing compressor, so if you have low airflow, call a professional to get it checked out soon!

Red Bank Air Conditioning Repair | #4 Water Leaks

If you find water around your air conditioner where it shouldn’t be, even just plain condensation beads, there is probably something wrong.  Air conditioners are made to be dry and properly insulated.  But if some of the insulation goes bad or the condensate line is blocked or broken, there will be added moisture coming into your home.  And we all know that moisture means mold and mildew!

Red Bank Air Conditioning Repair | #5 Did you hear that?

Lastly, hearing strange sounds coming from your air conditioner or any part of it is a sign that it needs to be maintained, repaired, or replaced.  Especially if the sound you hear is grinding, grating, or squealing, contact a technician ASAP before something even worse goes wrong!

If you have noticed any of the above problems with your air conditioner, it is time for repairs or replacing!  Contact C & C Air and Heat today for more information from the best HVAC company in Red Bank!

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