Our 44 year old furnace was red tagged by the gas company on a specially cold night.

It seems that the plenum had huge gaping holes in it filling with gas before igniting. Which prompted me to call them (NJNG) in the first place. We froze for a few days before I remembered that Costco had a furnace set up in their Hazlet store. Calling the number listed, we were called back by C&C Heating & Air Conditioning. A salesperson came to our home the same day who gave us options and cost to replace the old unit. They had one at their shop, setting up an install for the next day.

The technicians were professional. They put on shoe coverings each and every time they left and entered our home. They covered the work area as well as the surrounding areas.

After the install, we ran the unit for a while when we heard a strange vibrating sound that was annoying. Calling C&C, they sent technicians for the next few days trying to figure out the source of the noise.

The Service Manager came to us as well and also couldn’t figure it out.

At no time, not one employee,  technician, ext. ever gave me a hard time, even after calling them with frustration I exhibited many times.

We were then, after many man hours, had a new furnace installed. Glad to say its quiet and runs very well.

I highly recommend C&C for any work that you may need.

Richard Y.Monroe, NJ