Fall Maintenance HVAC Tips

HVAC unit at a New Jersey home in the fall

Pumpkin spice and everything nice! The leaves are changing, and the temperatures are dropping, meaning fall has officially arrived. While you enjoy the crisp weather, don’t forget about your HVAC system.

Fall is the perfect time to prepare your heating and cooling system before the brutal winter arrives in Central New Jersey. The experts at C&C have some essential maintenance tasks to ensure your HVAC system runs efficiently, keeping your home cozy and comfortable. 

Change the Air Filters

Many people suffer from allergies as the seasons change, so now is the perfect time to focus on your indoor air quality. Begin your fall maintenance routine by replacing or cleaning the air filters in your HVAC systems. Dirty filters have a major impact on the efficiency of your system and can even shorten its lifespan. Most manufacturers recommend you change the air filter every 90 days and more often if you own pets.

Clear Debris From Around Your Outdoor Unit

Autumn leaves falling from trees create beautiful scenery but can wreak havoc on your outdoor unit. During the fall, it is important to periodically clear the unit off to prevent leaves, dirt, sticks, and other debris from interfering with your heating system. A universal rule of thumb is always keeping at least 2 feet of space around your outdoor unit clear.

Test the Heating System

When it comes to fall HVAC maintenance, preparation is key! While the temperatures are reasonable, now is a great time to test your heating system. Turn it on to make sure it is working correctly and producing warm air. If you notice any issues, give the professionals a call. It is better to have any system issues diagnosed and remedied now rather than in the middle of the winter when you need it most. 

Replace Aging Equipment

It is officially spooky season, but nothing is scarier than an HVAC system hanging on by a thread. If your system is outdated or is notorious for struggling to keep up with your heating needs, fall is a great time to consider replacing it with a more energy-efficient model

Schedule Professional Maintenance 

While performing some fall maintenance tasks on your own is great, nothing beats calling the professionals. Consider scheduling a fall maintenance service appointment with a qualified technician who can perform a thorough inspection and take care of any necessary repairs to keep your system in excellent condition. 

At C&C Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing & Electric, we are dedicated to the comfort of your Central New Jersey home. To schedule your fall HVAC maintenance appointment, give us a call at 732-860-2660 or visit us online.

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