Whole Home Surge Protectors in New Jersey

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Whole Home Surge Protectors in Monmouth, Ocean, Middlesex, Morris, Somerset, Union, and Essex Counties

Isn’t technology amazing? It’s easy to create a theater experience in your living room or design the gaming setup of your dreams. But one evening, a power surge lasting just milliseconds can take your technology offline for good. The simple fact is our nation’s power grid experiences problems that can show up as power surges in our homes. A momentary surge in your electricity can fry computer chips and the other sensitive technology in everything from washing machines to big screens.

That’s where whole home surge protectors can help. Whether lightning strikes your roof or an equipment failure two states away sends a brief surge down the wires, your whole home surge protector stops it from causing damage to your home and your electric equipment.

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What is whole home surge protection?

Remember the surge-protection power strips we used to buy? The idea was that we could plug computers, audio equipment, and other sensitive devices into it and it would block power surges from causing damage. Whole home surge protection is similar, except it prevents those surges from getting into your home by blocking them where the utility’s electricity comes in.

When power line voltage increases to a potentially unsafe level, your whole home surge protection absorbs the surge and keeps it from traveling down the wires inside your home. Instead, it disperses it through what’s known as a ground wire, so it can flow away safely without causing problems.

What causes power surges?

We trust our power companies to deliver reliable electric power to our homes, but we know it really isn’t 100 percent reliable. Dozens of times a day, there may be small variations in the current we receive. Most of the time we don’t even notice, but there are times we can see the surge’s effects. Surges may be caused by any number of factors, including:

  • nearby lightning strikes
  • rolling blackouts
  • power line damage
  • utility brownouts
  • tripped circuit breakers
  • transformer failures.

Without proper whole home surge protection, any of these situations could damage or destroy technology you depend upon. Why risk it when you don’t have to?

Protect your NJ home with whole-home surge protection

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