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The average furnace lasts between 8 and 12 years. Even if your system isn’t that old, it probably isn’t as efficient and reliable as today’s new heating systems, so your monthly heating bills are higher than they need to be. Replacing your existing heating system can improve your comfort and cut your monthly costs!

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How Efficient Is Your Current System?

According to the federal Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, furnaces generally have the following efficiency ratings:

  • Current all-electric furnaces or boilers typically have an AFUE between 95 and 100.
  • New, high-efficiency gas furnaces have an AFUE between 90 and 98.5.
  • Older heating systems have an AFUE between 56 and 70.

Keep in mind that the AFUE does not include the waste that happens through leaks in your duct system or piping. Even if you choose to not go all-electric, a new gas or oil system will still deliver considerable savings on your monthly heating costs.

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Delivering Superior Service for 59 Years

Heating systems contain a series of complex, moving parts. Proper diagnosis and repair require a trained, experienced, and professional technician. C&C Air Conditioning, Heating, & Plumbing has provided heating repair and maintenance in Central New Jersey since 1965, so you can be confident we’ll be able to restore your heating system and minimize future issues.

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