Thinking of adding a ductless Mini Split to your HVAC system? Mini splits are capable of both heating and cooling your home at any time. A mini split sends refrigerant through a copper tubing straight to a wall-mounted air handler. The air handler is installed in your home and can look like a part of the decoration in your home. Whether you need a boiler installation or a mini split installed, C&C Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing can help. These are some of the benefits this HVAC upgrade will give a homeowner.

Mini Splits

Mini Splits | Installation

A professional contractor can make the installation of a mini split easy. Saving the homeowner time and money. There is no need of ductwork, so adding it to your home is easy and affordable. To get your entire home at a comfortable level, you can install up to four air handlers per outside unit. This will allow the homeowner to control the temperature in different areas of their home. Most mini split units come with a remote control so that you can control each area without getting up from your chair.

Mini Splits | Visibly Appealing

A mini split is discrete since it can be mounted high on the wall or ceiling out of the visibility of guests. It easily can work around the interior design of your home. They can easily be seen as part of the decoration. Mini split heat pumps are quieter than a window air conditioner. The air handler distributes air without a noisy compressor. You wouldn’t even know it is there.

Mini Splits | Energy Efficiency

With a traditional forced air heating and cooling system there is a possibility of losing some heated and cooled air through a leaky duct. With a ductless mini split pump, you can lower your energy bills. Have your professional expert install an Energy Star qualified mini split for the best and most efficient heating and cooling system possible.

Mini Splits | Safe and Security

To reduce the emissions that your home puts out in the air, a mini Split heating pump will consume less energy when heating or cooling. When you upgrade from an older and outdated air conditioner to a ductless mini split, you are also upgrading the refrigerant. These new systems run on environmentally friendly refrigerant. All this is better for our environment. When having an air conditioner on a window, there is always a chance of having intruders entering your home. As a result, a wall mounted mini split, you can keep your home more safe and windows are securely shut. Mini splits are used in the winter as well as the summer months.

Mini Splits | Easier Maintenance

Scheduling a simple maintenance with your professional installer will keep your system running smoothly and efficiently. Ductless mini split heat pump filters can last up to eight years with the proper upkeep. A light on the heat pump will light up and indicate that the filter needs to be cleaned. You can even easily clean the filter with a mild detergent and put it back in easily. When installing a mini split heating pump you can have quiet, convenient and efficient heating and cooling throughout your home.

Searching for the best Mini Splits heating unit for your home? C&C Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing is the place to call. We are a customer service driven and owner operated company serving central New Jersey for over 50 years. C&C Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing delivers quality service in installing, servicing and maintaining all types of residential and commercial air conditioning and heating systems. Our #1 priority is keeping you warm during the coldest winters, and keeping you cool when the summer heat makes you uncomfortable. Give us a call today!

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