Ways to Safely Heat Your Home This Winter

Stay warm in the winter

Winter is here, and what could be more important than keeping your home warm? Keeping your home safe! When the temperatures drop, our focus often shifts toward what blankets we need to pull out of the attic or where to buy our next batch of hot chocolate. While it is essential to find ways to be comfortable as it gets cooler, heating safety should still be a priority.

Do you want peace of mind knowing that your home is being heated safely and efficiently this winter? Here are four steps for safe home heating!

Get Your Furnace Serviced by a Professional

Furnaces are essential to maintain comfort during the warmer months, but they can be a safety hazard if not properly maintained. Schedule a furnace maintenance visit so a trained HVAC professional can ensure your heating system is running as safely and efficiently as possible. They will check for issues such as carbon monoxide leaks, blockages, or unsafe electrical connections and diagnose potential future problems. Manufacturers require regular maintenance and homeowners should make a tune-up an annual priority.

Be Careful with Your Space Heater

Portable space heaters may provide some relief for heating your home without cranking up the heat daily during winter. While they may cut back overall energy use, space heaters pose a significant safety risk to your home if the proper precautions are not taken. To ensure that you are keeping your home safe while using space heaters, check to make sure yours has safety features, such as an automatic shut-off option that will activate if it gets too hot or is knocked over. Also, always keep a three to four-foot radius around the heater, and never leave the unit on when you leave the room.  Another crucial space heater tip is never to use an extension cord to plug in your device. Instead, plug the cord directly into the wall outlet.

Too many home fires during winter months are caused by space heaters so they are not recommended as a permanent solution if your heating system isn’t keeping up with decreasing winter temperatures; call a service provider to address the shortfalls of your system rather than putting your family at risk.

Check All of Your Heating Appliance Cords

This is a simple but often overlooked step regarding home heating safety. Before you plug in your devices this winter, perform a thorough check of all the cords. Over time, these cords can get frayed and damaged from wear and tear, posing a severe safety concern. If you notice any damage, do not try and repair it yourself with tape or glue. Instead, invest in finding a replacement.

Take Precaution with Your Fireplace

The crackling sound and flickering of a fireplace create an ambiance like no other! While fireplaces are still a popular supplemental heating option, precautions must be taken due to the potential risks. Ensure your fireplace is adequately ventilated and cleaned and maintain the proper safety barrier. Do not hesitate to call a professional to learn about the best safety practices for your specific fireplace.

If you have any questions about how you can keep your Central New Jersey home warm and safe this winter, the C&C experts are here to help! Give us a call at 732-860-2660 or contact us online.

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